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Hello beautiful people! Although its only been a couple of weeks (maybe) since I blogged, it feels like forever! If you've been keeping up with me on social media, then you know I haven't gone anywhere. Life as a working mom is just so busy!!

So welcome back! This woman has been extremely busy with work and adjusting to a new routine with my crumb snatcher and my love. Lets talk about the new job. Obviously, there's a lot I cant share due to protecting some of my privacy and the privacy of those I work with but I will say that its been a HUGE adjustment. I started the new job at the end of June, right before the 4th of July holiday. Everything about this facility is different, from the way they handle new employee orientation to just about everything else. Its not a bad thing because every facility will be different, its just new to me. On top of that, the commute. Lets discuss the drive.

I knew going into this job that I was going to have to commute. Most people who live in Houston drive a distance to get to their gigs. I didn't have a problem with it, initially. I didn't factor in dropping my crumb snatcher off to daycare and early morning traffic. It takes me about 40 minutes to get to Caleb's daycare and another 20 minutes to get to work. That's a total of a whole hour from my house to my place of employment. After work, its an additional 30 minutes, so an hour and a half to get home. If we're friends on facebook, you've read my many posts about this. Honestly, I don't like it. When I get home, I'm too tired to cook dinner so for the past 3 weeks, its been every man for himself. I tried cooking after work one day and we didn't eat until after 7 which pushed everything else back. After it was all  said and done, we didn't get to bed until after 10 and everything felt rushed. I didn't like it. Thinking about it now makes me sad that our dinner table, once a place of refuge and release, is now hurried meals and quick check ins. We haven't seen each other all day so we all want each other's attention at the same time with limited time. It can be frustrating.

I also struggle with finding balance. I work at a job where attention to detail is a must. I drive through traffic where attention to detail is a must. When I come home, my brain is tired and I just want to rest my weary feet. That leaves little time for Cedrick and Caleb. I have to work on that. I've been praying over it and I feel a breakthrough is coming. I know, like most things on this side of the earth, this period we're in is just temporary. I will find the balance we need and things will align how they must.

As far as the job itself, its fine. I was already familiar with the job due to my previous gig so it didn't take me long to catch on. My previous job taught me a lot so I take those lessons with me everyday. My current boss is also someone I've known prior to getting this job so that transition has been extremely smooth. We have a good relationship that allows for open communication via email, text, telephone, whatever makes me comfortable at the time. I don't feel overwhelmed at all by the job. I love that its busy so I'm never without work. I am getting to know my coworkers. That office is full of personalities so I just sit back and analyze. That's in my nature. I don't talk too often but I'm friendly, cordial and very respectful of their space and history. One thing I learned about dealing with new coworkers from my previous job is that its okay to let people into my world. I tend to keep my home life very separate from my work life because my home life is sacred to me. But as I learned from my Baptist family, its okay to share my son and husband with those I work close with everyday. So I do without telling too much. If they ask me about where I come from or anything, I entertain that dialogue. Its been nice.

One thing I'll never do is speak negative about anybody there or the community that I serve on this blog or social media. Just as I respect my family and friends, my new coworkers and the people of that community are now my family and my friends and they too deserve that same respect. I will vent about the commute though. Oh hwy 290 I see you! Grand Parkway 99 and your tolls, I see you!  Yes you will deal with my whining, as my grandmother would call it.

My weight loss journey is still going on. I haven't weighed myself. I have felt sluggish lately. I know its due to all this new stress and anxiety I've been feeling lately. That's okay because once things settle, my body will react and it'll be fine. My acne is completely gone, thank God. I had been suffering with adult acne for over a year. I think when I added the multivitamin into my diet, it really helped. I take the Women's One -a-Day multivitamin. Its a bottle with 200 pills. I think I bought them from Target for like 13 dollars but I'm sure you could purchase them from anywhere.

Other than that, life is good. I am in a really good place. I am learning to quit trying to control everything and everybody. Let things happen organically and if the results don't work in my favor, that's fine too. I am only a vessel in this world. My prayer that I pray everyday is that God will continue to pour into me so that I may pour into others. That's it. I just want to be used by God and love myself, my family and my friends through whatever high or lows we are experiencing, however we're experiencing them. I wrote in my journal the other day that I have learned to love me deep and wide because there will be days, someone will look at me and see every mistake I've made, every mistake they have made and that love will be replaced by envy, hatred, frustration, confusion, any and everything but love. In those moments, I have to love myself enough to say to that friend, its okay. You may feel this way about me right now but I have enough love in me for the both of us. After your feelings have subsided, I will still be here, loving you back to wholeness.

I challenge you to do the same. Life comes fast and it comes hard. The people we love the hardest will not always be available to return that same love but don't give in to that fear. Pray that God will fill you with enough love, faith and hope to sustain you and that friend. Replace worry with hope. If you just have a little bit of it, you're one step further than most people. Tunnel vision all summer 16. That's me.

Here's to an epic week!

ps: Thank you again for the love. Thank you for checking in on me to make sure I was okay. I will not neglect this blog. I'm still here, living and loving my way through life. Thank you for reading and sharing and liking my post. I love yall so deep!